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Perma-Fix UK Ltd.

Blaydon-on-Tyne, UK

Perma-Fix UK Ltd. is a leading supplier of environmental engineering and consulting, health physics, contaminated land remediation services, and wastewater management. With proven capabilities and experience in both consultancy and implementation, our valued clients can be confident that we can design and deliver innovative, cost-effective, and timely solutions.

Using its in-house expertise and state of the art equipment as required, and drawing on its external links with cutting-edge researchers and specialist suppliers as appropriate, Perma-Fix UK Ltd. delivers major work packages safely, cost effectively, and on time.

Project Highlights

  • Radioactively contaminated mercury leach test trials

    Perma-Fix AMLGM technology chosen by Dounreay in 2015 as the preferred technology to treat radioactively contaminated mercury. In conjunction with Wood (formerly Amec FW) Perma-Fix provided product of the AMLGM process for leach test trial to model leaching from the LLWR.

  • Remediation of the Pacific Island of Kiritimati (Christmas)

    The project involved extensive land surveying and waste management to clean-up the island on behalf of DESI (formerly Defence Estates). Supplementary services included installation of clean water systems for the indigenous population.

  • Radiation Protection Advisory Services to SEPA

    From 2009-2015 Perma-Fix were contracted to provide services including: expert RPA advice, training, source leak testing, dosimetry analysis, laboratory audits and emergency response.

  • CBRN Response to UK Government

    Scope included provision of expert RPA advice and emergency preparedness, simulated incident response senarios and attendance at workshops and meetings.

  • Former Eveready® battery landfill management

    Monitoring and maintenance of passive reedbed systems, landfill gas monitoring, sampling and analysis of contaminants and data interpretation and modelling.

  • Operational Systems Monitoring for the former Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) Burial Site in County Durham

    Perma-Fix designed, engineered and operated leachate treatment on the site and continues to perform post operational monitoring of leachate treatment and assessment of future treatment options.

Project Leads

Environmental and Waste Management Consultant
and UK Project Lead

Paula b

“We provide personalised services and form close links with our clients to foster the utmost level of customer care and client commitment to ensure programme and budget expectations are met”

Paula Barry

Director of European Business and Operations

Don f

“ Perma-Fix UK's highly qualified and experienced staff routinely deals with some of the most complex environmental challenges in the UK and around the world. ”

Don Fraser



Contaminated Land

Perma-Fix UK Ltd. has extensive experience in the field of contaminated land, drawing on the capabilities of multi-disciplinary staff who have been involved in project stages ranging from Phase I and II site investigations to the supervision and implementation of remediation works and validation reporting compliant with the Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This includes high profile conventional and radiologically contaminated land sites, as well as many small domestic and commercial developments.

  • Access to advanced technology for investigation and assessment of contaminated land.
  • In partnership with specialist contractors we are able carry out complex investigations and remediation works.
  • Experienced in remediation of radioactively contaminated land under RSA 93 Authorizations or Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010 as amended (2012) with use of in-house expertise and subcontracted Health Physics Support personnel and instrumentation
  • Use of bespoke technology for separation of contaminated and non-contaminated materials reducing volumes requiring disposal and reducing costs to the client and the environment associated with long term storage and disposal.

Site Characterisation

Preliminary desk studies are fundamental to a cost-effective contaminated land characterization. We are experienced in interrogating historical, geological, hydrogeological, chemical and regulatory information to describe the site condition.

From the results of desk study, Perma-Fix can offer site investigation design, supervision and execution services to ensure that sites are characterized effectively and efficiently. Perma-Fix can produce accurate and detailed sampling plans and with qualified in-house staff collect and ship samples for analysis. Perma-Fix works closely with its dedicated UKAS and MCERTS accredited subcontracted laboratory to provide comprehensive chemical analysis of samples. When combined with positional data detailed contour maps of contaminant levels can be produced to allow clear presentation of issues to stakeholders.

Risk Assessment

Effective interpretation of site characterization data is essential if subsequent remediation is to be effective. Perma-Fix processes and interprets the results of site characterizations and through a variety of assessment and modelling tools Perma-Fix can produce a detailed and comprehensive Quantitative Risk Assessment.

Through our in-house experience and expertise we are able to ensure that the results of the Risk Assessment are robust and defensible to Regulators and the general public; this also allows liability holders to effectively develop priorities and allocate resources.

Options Appraisal

In the event that a facility or land is contaminated, Perma-Fix can undertake an options appraisal to determine the most appropriate remedial scheme in terms of appropriateness, land use, time and cost. This can ensure the most appropriate solution is proposed and allow substantial cost savings.

Site Remediation and Validation

During the remediation phase of a project, Perma-fix can fulfil the role of Engineer or Employer's Agent to supervise and project manage remediation works and ensure that the works are carried out in accordance with the design. Perma-Fix is also an experienced Remediation Contractor, able to execute the works from the perspective, and with a full understanding of the motivation and requirements of the client.

Both during and after remediation activities, Perma-Fix validates works by means of detailed on-site and laboratory testing and analysis to ensure that the remediation work has been carried out in accordance with all approved conditions of contract, and that all environmental discharges from the sites are below the approved limits set by the regulators.

Soil Remediation Technologies

The Perma-Fix soil sorting technology, Perma-Sort, will provide 100% assay of soil excavated to reduce the uncertainty in determining when soil is acceptable to use as onsite backfill. The same high level of accuracy applies to waste characterization. This is achieved by employing proven in-line/real-time gamma spectroscopy assay soil segregation conveyor to provide 100% assay of soils.

When soil is excavated from affected areas of the site, oversized debris will be removed and stockpiled separately from the soil. The debris will be transported via enclosed conveyor system to the segregation area and then surveyed, processed, and dispositioned. Heavy clay will be size reduced using specifically selected shredding and crushing equipment to make the resulting material “flowable” on the conveyor system. They consider the conveyor system used to transport soil a green and sustainable remediation approach technology since the use of articulating trucks to move materials onsite will be greatly reduced. In the segregation area, soil will be placed on the vibrating screen to further remove debris and pieces greater than four inches in diameter and then placed on the segregation belt. Debris larger than 4 inches will be size reduced as needed. The segregation system will be set to sort the soil into stockpiles of greater than and less than the specified diversion control set point (DCS). All the material passing through the segregation system as less than the DCS will be stockpiled for additional sampling. The stockpile volume will correspond with the minimum sample density for set for compliance as determined using the data quality objective (DQO) process. Samples representing each stockpile will be taken and analyzed to determine if the stockpiled soil meets the respective cleanup goal. By limiting the stockpiles to the minimum volume to be sampled for compliance, the minimum volume of soil will be rejected for offsite disposal due to sample results greater than the cleanup goals, further minimizing offsite disposal costs. The material passing through the segregation system as greater than the DCS will be stockpiled in successive stockpiles of fixed volume. Each stockpile will be characterized by volume and average radioactivity concentration. The availability of various radioactivity concentration stockpiles will allow the volumetric averaging of each container or conveyance volume to an activity concentration less than the disposal facility radiological WAC to ensure WAC compliance while maximizing the activity allowed in each conveyance to achieve the most cost-effective disposal options.

Mercury Treatment Techonologies

Mercury Amalgamation is a Perma-Fix patented amalgamation process using proprietary reagents that meet the EPA technology treatment standard (AMLGM). This process treats elemental mercury waste to meet the requirement of AMLGM using chemical reagents that bind the mercury and render it non-leachable. Perma-Fix was awarded a contract to provide the DSRL with a system capable of providing successful treatment of elemental Mercury wastes. To date, Perma-Fix has developed a preliminary design for a mobile treatment unit that provides DSRL with flexibility for treatment of elemental mercury on the Dounreay Site and other sites across the NDA estate and is ready to construct and deploy the technology wherever it is needed.

Radiological Protection & HP Services

Perma-Fix has extensive expertise in Radiological Protection and Radioactive Waste Management. Perma-Fix works closely with its partners to deliver RPA and HP services to projects as required. We also have access, via our international operational headquarters in Knoxville Tennessee, to one of the largest commercial inventories of radiometric instrumentation, along with accredited calibration and maintenance facilities.

Waste Management & Wastewater Services

Landfill Management, and Monitoring

Perma-Fix can provide services from design to operation of leachate treatment facilities. Previous projects have included design and operation of treatment plants for leachates from a landfill accepting batteries and a Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) carcass disposal site. Perma-Fix staff are also experienced in projects involving the monitoring and control of landfill gas.

Hazardous and Radiological Waste Management

Perma-Fix can provide advice on the segregation, storage and handling of waste in addition to feasibility studies for pre-treatment and disposal options in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005 and Ionising Radiation Regulations (IRR) 2017.

Perma-Fix offers services for the management and disposal of radioactive wastes, including the production of Waste Management Plans. We can also provide RPA Services to nuclear and non-nuclear clients.

Perma-Fix also provides assistance in Waste Minimization in accordance with best practicable environmental option (BPEO) and manage the packaging and transport of waste in accordance with the Radioactive Substance Act 1993 and Radioactive Material (Road Transport) Regulation 2002. Perma-Fix has staff with extensive experience in the transport and treatment of radioactive wastes and has access to DGSA and RPA personnel and qualified and experienced Class 7 transporters.

Wastewater and Groundwater Management and Treatment

Perma-Fix has extensive experience of providing professional advice to clients on a wide range of wastewater and leachate management issues, from sectors as diverse as international, national and local government departments, and private organizations.

Perma-Fix offers consultancy and contracting services comprising the management of groundwater, wastewater and leachate, and has developed a number of key relationships with specialist suppliers over the years. Consequently, Perma-Fix provides a turnkey service for a variety of wastewater streams at all stages of evolution from production, treatment, discharge, to final transportation and safe disposal.

Perma-Fix also provides assistance in Waste Minimization in accordance with best practicable environmental option (BPEO) and manage the packaging and transport of waste in accordance with the Radioactive Substance Act 1993 and Radioactive Material (Road Transport) Regulation 2002. Perma-Fix has staff with extensive experience in the transport and treatment of radioactive wastes and has access to DGSA and RPA personnel and qualified and experienced Class 7 transporters.


Waste Treatment

Our fixed base facilities offer highly specialized treatment options that help reduce risk and avoid costly internal program development.

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Nuclear & Technical

Our highly experienced team of professionals can handle domestic and international challenges across all project disciplines.

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We repair, calibrate and rent radiological and industrial hygiene instrumentation, and have one of the country's largest commercial instrument inventories.

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Our research team specializes in development of new and innovative solutions that manage risk and create value associated with nuclear materials.

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NORM / TENORM Services

Our team provides turn-key services for NORM management, specializing in tailoring solutions for difficult waste streams and strategic support which range from regulatory compliance consulting to turn-key NORM program management design and implementation.

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Nuclear Decommissioning Supply Chain Charter Signatory

Nuclear Decommissioning Supply Chain Charter Signatory

Perma-Fix environmental Services UK Ltd. is a signatory to the NDA and Nuclear Licensed Sites Nuclear Decommissioning supply chain charter. The Supply Chain Charter for nuclear decommissioning sites aims to foster good working relations across the NDA estate’s supply chain, with all parties signing up to a set of principles encouraging mutually beneficial and rewarding relationships

Acclaim Health and Safety Accreditation

Acclaim Health and Safety Accredited

Perma-Fix Environmental Services UK Ltd. Has been assessed and accredited to Acclaim for Health and Safety. Acclaim is a member of 'Safety Schemes In Procurement' (SSIP), an umbrella organisation for stage 1 health and safety assessment schemes. SSIP is recognised by a large and growing number of buyers within the construction industry Acclaim Accreditation supports the objectives of SSIP (Safety Schemes In Procurement) to improve health and safety standards across the UK and reduce duplication of paperwork in procurement.

Constructionline Accreditation

Constructionline accredited

Perma-Fix environmental Services UK Ltd. is a member of Constructionline. Constructionline is a pre-qualification platform for industry and sets a minimum requirement for standards for compliance with industry regulations and practices.