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Conveniently located in the East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP) in Oak Ridge Tennessee, Perma-Fix's Environmental Waste Operations Center (EWOC) is our newest treatment site, dedicated to supporting Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW), and disposition of multiple waste streams from both government and commercial customers. On Monday, April 12th, EWOC was excited to receive its first DOE shipment of low-level waste.

"This is an exciting milestone for EWOC," said Sally McQuaid, General Manager of EWOC. "This shipment culminates the hard work and dedication of our management, sales, and staff in successfully establishing the EWOC facility and providing innovative solutions to our customers."

EWOC serves primarily as a multi-disciplinary processing center, uniquely qualified to meet customer needs. EWOC features 17,360 sq. ft. of indoor processing space and three outdoor licensed radioactive materials storage areas.

Multi-Discipline LLW Processing Center

EWOC can handle a diverse set of waste streams, including:
  • Size reduction and packaging for disposal of large components and equipment
  • Size reduction/volume reduction, sort/seg of waste materials generated by DOE, DOD, commercial and nuclear industries cleanup activities
  • Storage of rad-contaminated and Bulk Survey for Release (BSFR) wastes
  • Size reduction of rad-contaminated and BSRF scrap metal and debris
  • Nondestructive Assay of items and packages of rad-contaminated and BSFR metal and debris

Easy Access, Multi-Model Operability

  • Close proximity to Oak Ridge and Kingston, TN
  • Ease of access to major interstates, to include I-40
  • 220 ft. of a rail spur for waste shipments

Permitted, Licensed & Ready

  • TN Radioactive Materials License No. R-73029-B30
  • TN Radioactive License for Delivery
  • Registered Reporting Identification System (RIS) code "YVO" with Nuclear Materials Management & Safeguards

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Sally McQuaid, EWOC General Manager
930 Perimeter Road, Oak Ridge, TN 37830


As the nation continues to reopen after a challenging 2020, we want to be your partner in success. Perma-Fix is here to solve your hazardous and radioactive waste challenges by providing cost-effective and innovative solutions, state-of the-art treatment facilities, extensive regulatory knowledge, and 30+ years of compliant waste management disposition.

Our Services & Capabilities

Perma-Fix focuses our expertise to meet customer needs by providing effective solutions for a wide variety of waste streams. Our four conveniently located facilities are licensed, permitted, and equipped to efficiently treat your mixed low-level and low-level radioactive waste.

Our Facilities

Diversified Scientific Services, Inc. (DSSI) - Kingston, TN
Specialties: Thermal destruction of radioactive and liquid mixed wastes including TSCA and non-TSCA regulated PCBs via a licensed combustion process.

Environmental Waste Operations Center (EWOC) - Oak Ridge, TN
Specialties: Receipt and management of LLW waste streams; specializing in large component size/volume reduction, sort/segregation and Bulk Survey for Release (BSRF). EWOC is strategically located in the East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP) to receive your LLW by truck or rail.

Perma-Fix Florida (DSSI) - Gainesville, FL
Specialties: Thermal and non-thermal treatment of low-level and mixed low-level waste by evaporation, vacuum thermal desorption, stabilization, sorting / segregation / repackaging, and macroencapsulation. PFF is also fully permitted to manage non-radioactive hazardous waste.

Perma-Fix Northwest (DSSI) - Richland, WA
Specialties: Thermal and non-thermal treatment and volume reduction of large volumes of low-level, mixed low level, and transuranic wastes.

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Perma-Fix Waste BD & Sales Team


Leverage Our Extensive Experience with Elemental Mercury Disposition

Mercury of various forms have been widely used throughout the U.S. and internationally, and to date, more than 600,000 pounds of this radioactive waste co-contaminated with mercury have been processed by one of Perma-Fix's many treatment technologies. Perma-Fix has implemented treatment solutions based on available and patented technologies to address these problematic wastes.

Perma-Fix provides effective treatment of radioactive-contaminated elemental mercury via amalgamation, the required treatment method for these wastes. Perma-Fix employs a patented amalgamation process using proprietary reagents that meet the EPA technology treatment standard (AMLGM). This process treats elemental mercury waste to meet the requirement of AMLGM using chemical reagents that bind the mercury and render it non-leachable. Mercury treatment is provided in a dedicated area of the facilities, with its own air handling and filtration system, for treatment of large volume, mercury contaminated wastes (elemental) using a proprietary amalgamation and stabilization process.

Our Experience: Mercury Waste Materials Managed at Perma-Fix Facilities
Waste Type Quantity (Tons) Processing Technology
Elemental Mercury 181 Amalgamation
Mercury-Contaminated Debris 1,050 Mercury Roasting/Amalgamation
Mercury-Contaminated Liquids 5,000 Thermal Processing/Stabilization
Mercury-Contaminated Solids/Soils 10,135 Mercury Roasting/Amalgamation/Stabilization

Two of our four facilities, Perma-Fix of Florida and Diversified Scientific Services, are licensed and permitted to receive, handle and store mercury for up to one year. With over $50 million of investment in facilities and technologies, Perma-Fix offers the most comprehensive low-level radioactive waste (LLW) and mixed low-level radioactive waste (MLLW) treatment facilities available in the U.S. Our experience, capacity, and regulatory compliance history set us apart in the industry. We are continually investing in new technologies to offer the most current state-of-the-art treatment options in the market.

Acceptable Mercury Wastes

  • Wastes with soluble mercury (less than 260 ppm)
  • Soils with high mercury levels (greater than 260 ppm)
  • Wastes (non-soils) with high mercury levels (greater than 260 ppm)
  • Elemental mercury

Perma-Fix is your solution for effectively disposing of hazardous mercury. Leveraging extensive experience and expertise, we are a leader in turnkey nuclear waste management and radiological protection services with core competencies that include waste management. We have completed over $2.2 billion in work since our inception in 1991. We have earned a reputation for providing practical, technical, and cost saving approaches to clients. We pride ourselves on supporting waste management, treatment, and disposal projects from initial characterization all the way through storage, final processing, and disposal. This approach has proven to have positive impacts for our clients and ensures mission completion through increased efficiencies while also minimizing liability with timely and compliant disposition of the most difficult waste challenges.

How can we assist you? Contact us today to get started.

George Taylor
Perma-Fix Environmental Services
Vice President, Waste Services BD/Sales
Office Phone: (865) 342-7613
Cell Phone: (865) 310-2841


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