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Radiological and Health Physics Programs and Support

Perma-Fix is an industry leader in providing Radiological Safety and Protection, Health Physics Support, and Technical Services aimed at providing clients with best practices for the protection of people and the environment from radiological hazards.

Radiation Protection

Our radiation safety experts can help you develop and maintain your radiation protection program for the protection of your workers, your community, and the environment. Our staff has over 15 years experience in incorporating As Low As Reasonably Achievable principles, a graded approach to safety measures based on the activities, and identifying all practicable protection options to reduce occupational exposure.

Our Services Include:

  • Radiation Protection Program Development for specific projects
  • Radiation Protection Program Development for companies seeking a NRC or Agreement State Radioactive Materials License
  • Perform Program audits for companies wishing to self-audit
  • Assist companies rectify agency audit findings
  • Radiological Instrumentation rental, calibration, and repair

Radiological Surveys

Perma-Fix offers advanced technologies supporting radiological and hazardous facilities for site characterization, innovative rapid survey technologies, Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual (MARSSIM), and Final Status Surveys (FSS). As one of the largest turnkey radiological support services contractors in the United States, Perma-Fix maintains a reputation for providing practical, technical, and cost saving approaches to federal agencies such as the Department of Defense and Department of Energy, commercial global energy companies, and nuclear power utilities. Perma-Fix is a one-source service provider supporting clients for the development of Health Physics programs as well as implementation and staffing for those programs.

To read more about our Rapid and Automated Survey and Instrumentation Services, click the icon below: Rapid Survey and Instrumentation


For Technical Services Contact:

Eric Laning
Program Manager, Technical Services