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Brokerage and Transportation Services

transportation Perma-Fix has a highly qualified transportation management team that can provide transportation management support to projects. We have agreements with eight nationally recognized and DOE approved transportation companies with highly competitive established line haul rates. All transporters have undergone quality reviews prior to addition to Perma-Fix’s Approved Vendor List. In addition, Perma-Fix offers DOT training to meet all project requirements, from basic to advanced, with training provided by certified trainers.

Perma-Fix operates under our own Nevada National Security Site (NNSS) disposal Certification Program, and performs that function for customers at their sites. We can provide Assistant Waste Certification Officers and Waste Package Certifiers on both a part time and full time basis to support project requirements. In addition, we can provide brokers to prepare manifests and sign shipping documents, if required. Finally, Perma-Fix is an approved user of the DOE Automated Transportation Management System, allowing us to efficiently provide manifesting support from and to remote locations.

Our waste brokers are certified annually in order the maintain their Advanced Mixed Waste Shipper Certification and have the experience and expertise to assure that your waste shipments are accurately classified, marked, labeled, manifested and shipped.

In addition, Perma-Fix’s on-site services can assist with sampling, characterization and analysis activities along with completion of the required waste profile forms for the designated facility of receipt.

The collective treatment capabilities of these facilities have facilitated the disposition of millions of pounds of DOE legacy wastes from sites throughout the entire DOE complex. In 2009 these facilities received over 775 shipments consisting of almost 5 million pounds of mixed radioactive waste.

Enhanced capabilities developed by Perma-Fix in the past year have combined with previous technological innovations to safely manage and dispose of many of the DOE orphan wastes that could not previously be treated.

Perma-Fix has added value by overseeing approximately 450 outbound shipments under the Department of Transportation (“DOT”) requirements to radioactive waste disposal facilities in Washington (DOE’s Hanford Site), Nevada (Nevada Test Site or “NTS”), Utah (Energy Solutions’ Clive Facility), South Carolina(Barnwell) and Tennessee (Oak Ridge Environmental Management Waste Management Facility or “EMWMF”).