Perma-Fix Environmantal Services

Radioactive and Mixed Waste Services

PCB soft solid treatment

PCB treatment Perma-Fix offers a thermal desorption process which is used to remove the free organic fraction from inorganic solids that contain volatile or semi-volatiles. This process uses a combination of temperature (up to 625°F), vacuum and carrier gases (e.g. steam & inert gases) to aid in the separation and desorption. This process is performed in an oxygen free environment. The desorbed constituents containing less than 2 ppm PCB’s are then treated via direct chemical oxidation or combustion. Desorbed liquids containing >50 ppm are then prepared for shipment to the DSSI facility for combustion. The residual solid waste resulting from this process typically requires stabilization to render it amenable for disposal.

The DSSI facility operates the only commercial mixed waste combustion unit in the United States with TSCA treatment authorization from the EPA Region 4 to manage TSCA regulated PCB contaminated radioactive wastes. This authorization is the first and only commercial outlet for radioactive PCB waste treatment and disposal available to both Government and Commercial generators.