Perma-Fix Environmantal Services

Radioactive and Mixed Waste Services

Mercury treatment>260 ppm

amalgamation Perma-Fix provides the required treatment methods for Hg>260 ppm through the use of the VTD at M&EC which qualifies as a retorting process (RMERC). Current EPA LDRs mandate technology-based treatment of high mercury (>260 mg/kg total Hg) organic-bearing and inorganic wastes. Incineration (IMERC) and Retorting (RMERC) are the currently approved technologies for treatment of high mercury waste. Radioactive elemental mercury in virtually the liquid form must be treated via amalgamation (AMALG); however, solid wastes contaminated with elemental mercury are subject to the aforementioned IMERC and RMERC treatment standards. Mercury contaminated debris may be treated using the LDR alternative debris treatment (i.e., macro-/micro-encapsulation or sealing). Thermal retorting (RMERC) systems, the more available technology, thermally volatilizes mercury and captures it via condensation. The recovered radioactive mercury can then be stabilized by amalgamation.