Perma-Fix Environmantal Services

Radiological and Industrial Hygiene Instrumentation

Noise MonitorsDailyWeeklyMonthly
Quest NoisePro DLX Noise Dosimeter w/Calibrator$56$140$350
Quest Q-300 Noise Dosimeter w/Calibrator$48$120$300
Quest EDGE Noise Dosimeter w/Calibrator$56$140$350
Quest 2200 Sound Level Meter w/Calibrator$48$120$300
Quest 2700 Sound Level Meter w/Calibrator and Octave Band$52$130$325
Quest SoundPro Sound Level Meter w/Calibrator$92$230$575
Sper Scientific 840015 Sound Level Meter w/Calibrator (Type 1)$15$36$90
Sper Scientific 840029 Sound Level Meter w/Calibrator (Type 2)$8$20$50
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