Perma-Fix Environmantal Services

Radiological and Industrial Hygiene Instrumentation

Dose Rate MetersWeeklyMonthly
Ludlum model 14C Geiger Counter w/44-38 G-M Detector$40$100
Ludlum model 12-4, 15 or 2241-4 model Neutron Counter$100$250
Ludlum model 9 Ion Chamber$40$100
Ludlum model 19 Micro R Meter$40$100
Ludlum model 195 High Range Meter w/43-132 Alpha Ion Chamber$60$150
Ludlum model 375 Area Monitor w/133-4 or 133-6 Detector$66$165
Automess 6112B Extendable Dose Rate meter (Teletector)$210$525
Bicron Micro Rem Meter$80$200
Bicron Micro Rem Meter Low Energy$90$225
Eberline R0-7 Digital Ion Chamber (Choice of low, medium, or high range detector)$210$525
Eberline R0-2 Ion Chamber$48$120
Eberline RO-20 Ion Chamber$58$145
MGP Instruments AMP-100 with High Range GM Detector$116$290
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