Perma-Fix Environmantal Services

Radiological and Industrial Hygiene Instrumentation

Air SamplersWeeklyMonthly
F&J HV-1 High Volume Pump 3-12 CFM$30$75
F&J LV-1 Low Volume Pump 0-100 LPM$30$75
F&J LV-14M Low Volume Goose Neck Pump 0-100 LPM$50$125
HI-Q CF-901 High Volume 0-12 CFM Pump$64$160
HI-Q 1023CV Low Volume 0-200 LPM Pump$80$200
HI-Q PSU Low Volume 0-200 LMP Mobile Cart Pump$120$300
RADeCO H-809V High Volume 0-8 CFM Pump$66$165
RADeCO H-810 High Volume 0-9 CFM Pump$66$165
Environmental Housing for Air Sampler (5' Doghouse)$60$150
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