Perma-Fix Environmantal Services

Industrial Waste Services

Hazardous Waste

Perma-Fix owns and operates a network of EPA-Permitted treatment, storage and disposal (TSD) facilities, throughout Florida and the United States, that allows us to manage all of your ship generated hazardous wastes in full compliance with port and environmental regulations.

  • Paint-related material
  • Solvents, thinners and degreasers
  • Tank cleaning fluids/compounds
  • Dry cleaning fluids/compounds
  • Fuels, inks, organics
  • Flares, batteries
  • Off-spec/unused products
  • Contaminated debris (rags/filters)
  • Corrosives

All waste is characterized to ensure compliance with RCRA guidelines. Our rapid profiling capability allows us to approve your wastes as expeditiously as possible.