Perma-Fix Environmantal Services

Industrial Waste Services

The Industrial Services Segment provides waste treatment services for a diverse group of customers including Fortune 500 Companies, thousands of small industrial generators, utilities, hospitals, research institutions, and numerous Federal, State and local agencies including the Department of Defense.

Industrial Services provides unique treatment, recycling and disposal of industrial and hazardous waste at its seven RCRA permitted treatment facilities and service centers located throughout the Midwest and Southeast.

Our Services Include:

  • Treatment of non-hazardous industrial sludges and solids
  • Water treatment
  • Waste oil and solvent recovery
  • Treatment of wastes containing hazardous metals, acids, bases and inorganics
  • Hazardous solvent recovery, treatment, and fuel blending
  • Laboratory and analytical services
  • Specialized waste treatment
  • Lab Packing

Industrial Services also operates an on-site service group that can provide on-site treatment of waste and other site remediation and waste management services.

For Industrial Waste Management Services Contact:

Raymond Whittle
Vice President and General Manager, Perma-Fix of Florida