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The Perma-Fix of Florida facility (PFF), located in Gainesville, Florida has unique capabilities for the treatment of problematic mixed waste streams. The facility is licensed and permitted to treat a variety of characteristic and listed mixed waste, soils, liquids, sludges, and debris to Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR) standards. Further, Gainesville is permitted and licensed for bulking and other pre-treatment of mixed wastes. PFF provides a wide range of waste treatment processes including debris treatment, deactivation, neutralization, stabilization and fuels blending activities.

Research and Development Laboratory

In addition, this facility houses a state-of-the-art mixed waste analytical chemistry laboratory which conducts treatability studies to enhance or develop treatment processes for unique or complex mixed waste streams. Since the laboratory is located within a licensed and permitted operating waste treatment facility personnel are available for consulting on scale-up issues that may be addressed during bench testing.

The Treatability Laboratory personnel can perform bench-scale optimization tests using either non-radioactive waste surrogate or real waste samples based upon client requirements. The facility has the necessary engineering (fume hoods, no floor drains, monitoring instruments, etc.) and administrative (standard operating procedures, routine inspections and surveys, safety support staff, etc.) controls to facilitate performance of the work in a safe and effective manner.

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Perma-FixProfile2016-Fina... Waste Acceptance/Shipping Perma-Fix nuclear waste profile 2016 250 kB


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